Map your Competition

For anyone trying to grow a business in a complicated and crowded marketplace such as the Internet, one of the first tasks is to map and consider the competitive landscape. Competitive analysis involves two main activities: obtaining information about important competitors, and using that information to predict their behavior. Good understanding of the competition that your organisation faces can give you several strategic advantages that will help you stand out in the landscape:

  • It helps understanding and defining your competitive advantages.
  • It gives valuable information on competitors’ past, present and future strategies and actions.
  • It provides an informed basis on which future strategies can be pursued.
  • It aids forecasting competitor’s responses to new products or pricing strategies.


How We Can Help

Analysing all the data that can be gathered requires a lot of skill and is quite similar to a jigsaw puzzle;  it involves collecting various data and information from various sources and putting them properly together in order to construct the overall image of the competitive field. Our team can solve this intricate puzzle for your organisation.

Do you know what is your online competition?

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