Track Down the “Bad” Stages..

On the Internet it is very easy to collect all sorts of data about what a user does, how they move around a website and where they click. We naturally give all our clients access to an Analytics platform so that they can satisfy all their data driven needs; nonetheless analyzing this data and using it to make design decisions is complicated and crucial.

A conversion funnel describes the path a consumer takes through a website converting finally to a sale/contact etc. The word funnel is, of course, a metaphor because the there is a decrease in number of users that go through each stage.

Let’s say that 100 people visit your website and you want them to contact you via email or phone. 8 of them will find your website interesting and they will click on your “contact us” banner or button, 3 of them will send a message via the provided form and 1 will directly call your company. The final conversion rate for your website is 4% since 4 out of a 100 visitors made contact. Not bad at all to start with!

Users get less as they tricle down the funnel because they are bored to follow all those steps, because they can’t find the option they are looking for or even because there are too many options available!

We will not just design or redesign a website; instead we design a “flow” that will lead your website’s visitors from the homepage to the intended action that you and they want to reach. At the same time, we will use analytics data to remove all possible obstacles from the visitor’s way.

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