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Digital Branding has become a new standard in branding in the last few years and it has replaced print ad branding and even changed the landscape in television advertising. Branding your image, product, service or even political campaign on the Internet is the most cost effective and efficient method for getting your name into the public arena. Digital Branding seeks to increase your perceived value; this may increase sales by comparing you with competing offerings or even enable you to charge more for your product or service.

In marketing, the “persona” of an organisation namely a Corporate Identity, is designed to accord with and facilitate the attainment of business objectives. While most people think that Branding and Corporate Identity consists of just a slick logo or a smart tagline, it will take much more to create a well known brand name online.

What’s In Your Brand?

Every company needs a brand manager to find the spot within the market where your product or service should be best marketed while managing the name of your product or service. The challenge is, not every company can afford to hire a full time brand manager which means that quite often the wrong people in your organisation are actually branding your name online! On top of that, the intricacies of the digital world are usually difficult to cope with using a typical corporate ID created for the offline world.

Even if you are great at what you do, when you move your organisation online you may need to communicate who you are more efficiently. We have the marketing and creative expertise and know-how to create or adapt your corporate ID to the digital world, creatively brand your name, create buzz around your brand and we can certainly leverage the new media in a way that will help you create long lasting brand equity.

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