A Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most important components of a modern and dynamic website that facilitates the updating and delivery of a site’s content. An effective CMS platform will put the control of your website’s content into your hands, allowing you to easily update every page yourself and deliver up-to-date information to visitors. The most important advantage is that very little training is required so that non-technical administrators are able to fully maintain and expand the website.

What a Content Management System effectively does is to separate the design, structure and content of a website so that each area can be adjusted independently of the other areas. For example the structure can be adjusted for additional functionality with no changes required to the other areas. The important thing to consider is that content can be changed with no need to adjust the front-end design or the site’s structure. And all of that can be accomplished through a graphical user interface that allows the editor to create content, add images and multimedia files and much more. The separation of these three areas creates the flexible strength of a content management system.

Our powerful custom CMS platform is based on WordPress, a highly customisable and open-source platform that powers 13.3% of the top 1.000.000 websites. The CMS that we will deliver is fully customisable to your business objectives and needs and will allow your organisation to move beyond the era of static websites that require extensive training to manage, in addition to being complicated and time consuming to update.

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