A tremendous opportunity that many businesses or individuals have not yet taken advantage of is e-Commerce, the undeniable future of global business. Setting up an electronic shop (eShop) and selling products and services online can range from a complicated online retailer website that sells thousands of products such as Amazon.com, to a very simple one that just allows one-off payments for a single product or service. Having an eShop can provide you with some major advantages over traditional physical retail shops:

  • Higher profit margins, partly due to the fact that many of the expenses associated with a physical retail space, such as labor, space and inventory, can be significantly reduced or extinguished. This of course leads to a quick Return on Investment (ROI) for your organisation.
  • Instant worldwide customer reach with minimal expenses while only maintaining one place for every customer to visit, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from the comfort of their home.
  • Easier targeting and segmenting of niche groups of customers. Since the Internet can allow you to effectively target geographically scattered groups of customers, it is usually the only means of reaching out to a large number of potential customers, especially if you target a tight niche.

  Online sales in Greece increased by 75% in 2010 and reached 1.4 billion euros.  

Nov '10

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Setting up your business on the Internet is a tremendous opportunity that should not be ignored. Ingress Digital Strategy has the Web Development and Marketing know-how in order to help you set up an easy to use, secure and effective e-shop that will quickly generate profit. The variety of e-Commerce platforms that we have experimented with can provide you with the flexibility and scalability that your business goals require. Ingress Digital Strategies will help you design the right e-Commerce strategy and assist you in choosing the perfect mix for customer communication, product promotions, loyalty programs, logistics optimization and more. We will make sure that your site will be lightening fast using our servers for hosting, as well as very user friendly and easy to manage because of features such as live inventory tracking. Bridge that gap with Ingress!

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