Not Everyone is the Same …

Let’s say you came up with a website flow that you think to be clean, tidy and completely natural to you. What you are probably missing is that you DO¬†know your job, but your visitors cannot follow you.

The first step to a better User Experience is to actually talk and see some users interacting with your website. The most common methods employed are one-on-one interviews and surveys of users as well as focus groups with people that match your organisation’s target group so that you can learn their attitudes, ideas and desires. We have experience in individual Contextual Interviews that enable the observation of a user while they browse your website.

What is more, we can also employ larger scale solutions that allow us to actively monitor and observe how your multiple visitors interact with your website, where they are looking at each moment, where they click, how they move their mice etc, in order to spot every problem.

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